Business process management

Automate any internal processes – from document approval to collaboration on complex projects involving multiple teams. Bpm’online provides a complete set of tools to effectively manage business processes, including process modelling, execution, monitoring and analysis. Take advantage of industry best practices to ensure the maximum efficiency of business processes management at your organization.


Process designer

Automate your structured processes with BPM (Business Process Management) technology. Model the process flows using preconfigured elements for creating activities (tasks, calls, and emails), working with pages, processing data, and invoking external services. A simple interface along with built-in tools for elements search and validation will help to quickly build a process model in BPMN as well as fine-tune it based on process execution analytics.

Business process management engine

Boost operational efficiency by providing your teams with tools that guide users through the most effective actions to accelerate results and achieve desired business outcomes faster. A powerful business process management engine enables for the execution of multiple processes simultaneously with the same high level of system performance.

Process library

Employ out-of-the-box processes based on industry best practices as well as off-the-shelf business processes templates on the marketplace to jump start using the system. Change and update the templates to meet the most specific business needs.


Process monitoring and analytics

All the executed process steps are stored in the system to help you more effectively monitor and analyze the process execution and outcomes. Keep track of any process execution metrics (duration, average execution time, maximum and minimum values). Visualize process data using custom dashboards. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes with the help of an easy-to-use process log.


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