Akıllı Fabrikalar için Agile eKanban Yazılımı

Akıllı Fabrikalar için Agile eKanban Yazılımı

e-Kanban software with Agile Kanban principles

What is Productoo® electronic kanban

Productoo electronic kanban software is part of the Manufacturing 4.0 Smart Factory Software family developed by Productoo Ltd. It primarily serves to manage your Production kanban system.

Productoo kanban app can help you manage the following activities:

  • Synchronize kanbans and outbound deliveries with SAP
  • Automatically or manually assign kanbans to production lines
  • Capacity management / shift management
  • Management of changeovers 
  • Management of takt time / rate routings
  • Declaration of production
  • Management of non-conforming / non-full kanbans / pallets

Agile kanban in Manufacturing Scheduling software

Productoo is a software developer focusing on Lean Manufacturing Tools. These software tools are implemented in automotive and repetitive manufacturing industries; part of the manufacturing process is Electronic kanban. We use agile kanban principles to assign the electronic kanban cards to:

  • production lines
  • shifts

The Kanban software is designed for the Pull system manufacturing process. It means that we can manage the whole kanban production process completely in a web browser. It is a part of Smart Factory Software Suite Productoo.

New way of Scheduling your work orders and kanbans

Productoo Production Scheduling software is web based, easy to use kind of Smart Factory Software, fully integrated with the Industry 4.0 principles. A decent portion of the functionality is devoted to Electronic kanban.

akıllı fabrika yazılımı

Smart Upstream Planning (Semi-Finish lines) included

Whole planning process is covered by Productoo Planning. Formerly planning done in 4 hours is executed within 4 minutes with Productoo. That is feedback provided by the real Productoo users.

The Production Control Application modules are as follows

  1. Dashboard
  2. Distribution board
  3. Parallel Planing
  4. Production Lines
  5. Redbox
  6. Shift management
  7. Line feeder view
  8. Workstation screen (Production declaration screen)
  9. Sub-assembly management
  10. Light Upstream
  11. Full Upstream
  12. Historical data
  13. SAP connector
  14. Instant reporting tool
  15. Customisation
  16. Planning wizzard
  17. PIN login
  18. Electronic Kanban concept


e-kanban software with Agile Kanban

The software supports several areas of the Pull system manufacturing process. The basic software features are:

  • Synchronization of kanbans and outbound deliveries with SAP
  • Assignment of kanbans to production lines (manually or automatically)
  • Capacity management / shift management
  • Management of changeovers
  • Management of takt time / rate routings
  • Declaration of production
  • Management of non-conforming / non-full kanbans / pallets

The agile kanban software package

When you use our electronic kanban software you can use the agile techniques to move the kanban cards quickly and check the results instantly. You can buy the eKanban Productoo software which consists of 5 main Productoo packages:

1) Productoo Line Feeder View

This view is designed to support the production line feeder. It shows which components should be delivered to production lines.

agila kanban yazılım

2) Productoo Production View

This view gives you an instant overview of whether the production lines are producing according to plan:

  • Green: the production line is working according to the kanban sequence, or is in advance.
  • Yellow: there is a minor delay in the production speed compared with the planned kanban sequence.
  • Red: the production line is in delay compared with the planned kanban sequence.

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3) Productoo Shift View

The planner knows immediately:

  • whether the capacity of every working shift is OK.
  • for how long the kanban sequence is planned.

şift yönetimi

4) Productoo Declaration Screen

This is the monitor which runs at the production line and is completely used as Touchscreen.


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